Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Green HNBR O-Rings

As we continue to expand our inventory and product offerings we are now stocking the most popular sizes in 70 Durometer Green HNBR

Kits with 18 sizes and 200 for a great price

Inch (AS568) and Metric available from stock

70 Durometer

R134A compatible

-20˚c ~ + 150˚c

special order compounds for 45˚c ~ + 150˚c material available. (75 duro only)

Full ASTM D2000 material data sheets for each compound available upon request.

Hydrogenated Nitrile offers excellent high tensile and low compression set. It's excellent heat and ozone resistance make it a compound with a wide variety of uses. Hydrogenation is the process of adding hydrogen atoms to the butadiene segments; this is also known as "saturating" the material. Adding hydrogen causes many of the carbon-to-carbon double bonds (C=C) in the polymer backbone to become single bonds (C-C). Single bonds are desirable because they have greater stability and require more energy to break than double bonds. The higher the percent of saturation, the greater the number of carbon-to-carbon single bonds, and the greater the chemical and heat resistance.

HNBR performs well in:

Automotive applications (air conditioning O-rings, timing belts, fuel injector seals, fuel hose seals, shaft seals, diaphragms, paintball applications and lip seals)
Oil field applications (O-rings, well-head seals, packers, ram and annular blowout preventors, drill-bit seals, downhole, drill/pipe protectors, valve seals).

HNBR does not perform well in:
Hydrocarbons (chlorinated)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Scuba Dive O-Ring Kits

We are elated to announce our newest line of custom kits for Nitrox and Generic Scuba O-ring kits. Our genuine DuPont Viton o-rings are superb quality and come in a hard plastic reusable box. Each of our kits offers 12 Sizes and 170 rings that can be used to replace all your scuba o-rings.

We will custom label the kit with your dive shop logo, phone #, address and website. The inside of the box has a chart with the rings labeled for easy reference.

A 75 Durometer brown DuPont Viton kit, 70 and 90 Durometer Nitrile Rubber kits round out our scuba line of o-ring kits. We also supply them with generic labels if you choose.

90 DuPont Viton Kit. $18.00/ea
75 Duro brown DuPont Viton Kit $14.25/ea
90 Duro NBR (Nitrile) Rubber $9.25/ea
70 Duro NBR (Nitrile) Rubber $7.25/ea

Call us today at 703-216-3486 to email us at

Oxygen Safe Grease for Scuba

We are pleased to introduce our new Oxygen Compatible lubricant, Tribolube 66.

This grease is white in color and is designed for open circuit diving systems. Tribolube offers superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties extending equipment life by dramatically reducing corrosion and sticky residue build-up.

These revolutionary lubricant formulas make underwater breathing easy, no matter what the climate. Innovative packaging allows for a more accurate application process. These are equal to competitive brands and offer a cost savings.

Tribolubes line of O2 safe lubricants are compatable with all o-rings and materials used in the scuba industry. We are helping lead the way to a safer and more enjoyable scuba experience.

Available in: 5g tuck and tear pack, 7g resealable tube, 2oz tube, 2oz syringe, 4oz tube and syringe all the way up to a 75 gallon pail.

Our Tribolube 71 is for use in open and closed circuit dive systems.

Give us a call today at 703-216-3486 or email us at

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paintball o-ring kits

Happy 2013!!! We are gearing up for another exciting year of expanded stock, products and capabilities.

We'd like to introduce our new line of paintball players kits in standard 70 Durometer Buna

18 sizes of the most popular sizes that will rebuild almost any marker. Don't get caught out in the field without one of our o-ring kits. You get 1 sturdy, locking plastic box with individual compartments that won't let parts migrate into another area of the box.

Our small kit contains 10 each of the following o-rings while our large kit has 20 each

-003 -011 -017
-005 -012 -018
-006 -013 -019
-007 -014 -020
-009 -015 -022
-010 -016 -111

1 kit 18 sizes 180 o-rings $8.00/each
1 kit 18 sizes 340 o-rings $11.00/each

Contact us today at or by phone at 703-216-3486

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Metric O-rings

We are pleased to announce a huge expansion of metric o-rings in Nitrile (NBR) and FKM. We are now stocking the JIS series of o-rings for Japanese equipment. The Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) line includes al the P Series, G Series, and S series. You can check out the size range on the download section of our website.

We also are expanding our line in NBR to include a wide Array of 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm cross section metric o-rings. Complimenting our AS568 size in NBR 70 & 90, FKM, EP, Silicone and brown FKM our o-ring inventory will exceed 50 million o-rings.

Please let us know how we can help you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

O-ring kits

Looking for Buna N 70 Durometer O-ring kits we have them in stock at highly competitive prices. We also stock metric Kits, Viton Kits, paintball kits, splicing kits, Boss kits and many many more.

We will custom make you a kit with your specified part numbers. Email us today at

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seal kits for salt sprayers

Winter is on its way. If you've got salt sprayer for large or small trucks and you need replacement seal kits, we can help.

Heres the latest one we helped get back up and running. Full cross references for all wipers, O-rings, shaft seals, wear rings, seal kits, u-cups and much more. O-ring cord and encapsulated o-rings are another of our specialties. Inch and metric seals are stock.